How to use re-Framework Login block

Can anyone help on this please…

I have process there i need Lunch one web application if it is not opened i need to do (Close Browser, Re Launch, Retry 3 times, Throw Exception (End Process) , Send Notification with Exception Message).
here can i use rethrow.

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we can do that with RETRY SCOPE activity where inthe upper part we can keep the sequence of activities to be done and in the down part use either IMAGE EXISTS or ELEMENT EXISTS activity
-where these activities will look for an element in the page which will be the last page if the above sequence of activities works perfectly
else it will repeat for number of times as mentioned in the property panel of RETRY SCOPE activity with MaxNumber Of Retries with value as 3

–keep this whole sequence of activities inside the RETRY SCOPE within TRY Block of TRY CATCH activity

–and also the whole RETRY SCOPE within the TRY BLOCK of TRY CATCH ACTIVITY so that even after three retries if that doesnt work it will give exception which will take us to CATCH BLOCK of try catch activity where we can use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY which will send user the mail with the reason behind

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Hi Palaniyappan,
Thanks palaniyappan :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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can you help on this i have scenario like i need to login into one application if login failed i need to do like (Close Browser, Try Relaunch , 1 more Login Attempt , Throw Exception , Send notification with Exception Message , End process) in re-framework.

Please suggest me some solutions.
Thanks in advance.

did the above mentioned steps worked on this buddy
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Thanks for replay Palaniyappan
But i am searching for other type on solutions.

Hi @csekhar.p18

are you solve that ?

I got the answer,
Thank you.


Hey @csekhar.p18 could you please share the solution with me?

i try to do that but it is not work with me


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