How to use retry mechanism during exception without RE framework?

Hi All

I am not using RE framework in a project. But I am dealing with multiple records to be processed in a screen.
So how to implement retry in case of exception ?
How it will close everything and reopen and start from the exception record ?

You would need to build the retry logic of REF. So it is maybe better switch to REF instead.


So basically its not possible without RE framework.

Yes. There is no “magic” which will do the retry. This needs to be coded. So eather use an existing solution (REF or some other option available in Marketplace) or code it yourself.


Code can be done but it will be very lengthy and won’t be an optimal solution.

Of course it’s possible. REFramework is just prebuilt activities/code. You can build whatever you want from scratch.

Retry automatically retries after an error is thrown, up to the max number of retries. So if you set it to 3, and it errrors 3 times, then Retry bubbles up the error (so you’ll want the Retry inside a Try/Catch). Just put whatever logic you need inside the retry - ie close app/window, open app/window, log in, try to process item.

But where to set the retry ? I am not even using queue.

Retry is an activity.

However, if you’re trying to process multiple items on a screen, Retry is not the way to do it. Getting the items into a datatable then looping through it would be a better way.

Show us a screenshot of what you’re trying to process.