Rethrow and Throw without using ReFramework

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I’m just starting to re-learn UiPath and ReFramework. My client doesn’t want to use reframework so I’m thinking of a way on how to use rethrow and throw in try-catch activity. I tried searching online and I found useful information but not enough. Anyone here happy to enlighten me on how to use these 3 activities or give me a complex samples so I could study it by myself. Appreciate this community. It helps me a lot!

Hi @Callos_James_AU

I think ReFramework is already a relatively simple framework that includes the full retry mechanism.
The four basic components of retry mechanism are init, get next item, process, and end.
If you want to implement similar exception handling, you usually have to have a similar structure.
However, you can use Flowchart instead of StateMachine.
The following link may be helpful for you.

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Hello @wusiyangjia

Thanks for your response. Yup, I know a bit of the reframework (generic one), however, we were told not to use any of the default templates of UiPath that’s why I’m thinking of a way to create my own “framework” but I don’t know how the rethrow and throw work if the default framework is not used. By any chance, do you have a sample of rethrow and throw xaml that I can look into? Thanks again

As far as I know, the difference between the Throw and the Rethrow is an input of Exception. Because the Rethrow activity only can be used in a catch block to rethrow what has been caught.

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