How to archive this in re- Framework login block

can anyone help on this i have scenario like i need to login into one application if login failed i need to do like (Close Browser, Try Relaunch , 1 more Login Attempt , Throw Exception , Send notification with Exception Message , End process) in re-framework.

Please suggest me some solutions.
Thanks in advance.

hi @csekhar.p18

try this

Ashwin S

Can you let me know why you need framework here as you are using a single application? You just need to use retry scope or try catch activity.

Retry scope will try to attempt the login and Try Catch activity will let you catch the exception and send a mail with the required info whether it is a exception success.

Hi HareeshMR,

it is just one process in RE-Framework i need to put it into init state Reframework just i mentioned.