How to use Radio button from Google form?

How to use Radio button from Google form to UiPath Studio.I am feeding information from excel file to google form. Which activity should use for clicking radio button and dropdown action.


Hi @sofipoorni ,

Have you tried using a Click Activity for the Radio Button and Select Item Activity for the Dropdown ?

Let us know if you have already tried or facing issues using it.

No I have used Type into activity alone. Wil use those activities

Hi @sofipoorni ,

Let’s use this scenario as an example, where I have to choose “Two” from the available options.

  1. Take click activity and indicate any one option, in here i am indicating “One”

  2. To make it dynamic, look for the value that is unique in the element’s selectors.


You can pass your variable into the aaname = Variable name because in this instance aaname=‘One’.

You must pass CSE, ECE, and EEE through a variable in your situation.

Vinit Mhatre

I have cleared the error regarding RadioButton.Thanks for your reply

@sofipoorni ,

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If you are still looking for a Solution, Could you let us know what methods you have tried and what were the errors that you receive if any.