How to handle searchable dropdown?

I can able make initial click on the dropdown ,but not able to perform "type into or click or select " activities. Can someone help me to select option in the dropdown ?. I want to pass the values from excel ,is that possible ?
I have attached the screenshot.

Before selecting dropdown.

After selecting dropdown


First click any two items from dropdown list and then see selectors how it is. If item name is coming in the selector then pass variable to that selectors from excel file.

Use click activity and show me two items selectors. Then I will help you more on this.

Hi @lakshman
You can see the shared screenshot.

@lakshman But when i run this script ,shows “activity timeout exceeded uipath”.


Not this screenshot. I want selector screenshot.

Use click activity to select ‘Raymond Man’ and ‘Raymond Phang’ and separately and show me selector screenshot.

@lakshman you can see here.

@lakshman name is not coming instead it takes ID


Click on ‘Open in UI Explorer’ and make dynamic selector. Please check once name is there or not under ‘aaname’ property in UI Explorer.

Is it possible to access that site from my side ?

@lakshman - sorry its a company site.can’t be allowed to access outside.
i am able to see aaname = ‘Raymond Phang’

Please find below example to make your selector dynamic

"<html app='firefox.exe' url='' /><webctrl aaname='"+varname+"' isleaf='1' parentid='myGrid' tag='DIV' />"

In above selector ‘varname’ is variable name

Hope it will help you

Thanks you @lakshman

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super. Now include that aaname in selector and delete id part. And also try to validate selector once whether it is correct or not.

Then pass value from excel to selector like below:

Eg. Use like below selector in Click activity.

Can you share me an example of how to pass from excel ,i am able to add aaname = ’ " +RelatedAuthors " ’ .

In Variable tab - i created RelatedAuthors as name and kept Variable type as String … Should i have to add - row(“relatedAuthors”).toString to Default column ?..
since it would read data from excel … is that correct ?


Try Below one:
aaname = ’ “+row(“relatedAuthors”).ToString+” ’

Here, relatedAuthors is column name of your excel file. Make sure you have to use this inside For Each Row activity.

Copy paste above one in selector. Delete single quotes and add it again.

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nope ,while reading data from excel for “RelatedAuthors” variable i should assign the excel column name ,right ?


  1. Use Read Range to read excel file and store it in variable of type DataTable and say it ‘DT’.

  2. Iterate DataTable using For Each Row activity.

     - Then inside use Click activity and pass the below selector.
          aaname = ’ “+row(“relatedAuthors”).ToString+” '
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Use assign activity
Complete_Selector_var = your complete selector(… aaname = ’ “+row(“relatedAuthors”).ToString+”…)

pass this selector_var into click activity selector.


i tried in above way and it works

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Hi @lakshman i tried this but getting selector not found exception.

< webctrl tag=‘LI’; aaname=’ “+row(“RelatedAuthors”).ToString+” ’ />

but when i use the name instead , i am able to select the option from dropdown.