Searched variable item but click is not working

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to automate this activity which we used to do in our project on daily basis.
We have an excel sheet in which study numbers are there. so i am reading study number from excel and search in browser for that study number. Till here everything is ok. But when i need to click on that study number to go further on the page using click text activity, its not working. Can someone please help?

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Hey @Sakshi_Gupta,

Good that you are back in community :slight_smile:

Could you please try using click activity with dynamic selector - something like passing studyname variable to aaname property of the selector.

Hope this helps.


i did the same but still not validating. Please find the screenshot attached:

what should i do?

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In aaname, please pass variable inside brackets like this aaname='{{studyNo.ToString}}'

I did exactly like that but it could not find the element.

@Sakshi_Gupta The Conversion to String for the studyNo should be done in the Workflow not directly in the Selector.

Can you assign another variable with it’s value in the below way and check :

studyNoStr = studyNo.ToString

Where studyNoStr is of type String .

Use studyNoStr directly in the Selector in this way aaname = '{{studyNoStr}}'

Let us know if you still get errors and please post the error Screenshots.

Tries this also but still the same error.

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@Sakshi_Gupta Check for Uipath Extension is set on webpage or not

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It is set because it is login into the website searching for other elements except this one.

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@Sakshi_Gupta You can try using fuzzy selector

How fuzzy selector work here? what should be the tag?

It is showing me syntax error when i use it.

@Sakshi_Gupta Could you please check for extension again and just reselect the click activity selector

Hello @Sakshi_Gupta
Can You Kindly Share The Website?

@Vrushali_Gave I did but the thing is that studyno which i am using as search element should click on the link for that particular study no and do further steps. It is supposed to click on that link but i dont think click activity is working here.

@Sakshi_Gupta What error you are getting now?

Same… that could not find the element :neutral_face:

@Sakshi_Gupta Copy all the selector and assign to a string variable and pass that string to the selector of click
one more change is at aaname= “+studyNo.ToString+”

If you can send the selector in text…I’ll correct it…


fuzzy select work as per fuzzy level its find record depend of accuracy like if your data is near about accurate 50% it will do smart work and find that element to click …

try to use ui explorer and find dynamic value to use in select apart form aaname