How to use variable in select item?

Hi I am unable to use variable in select item activity for selecting different codes
I want to select the Supplier code.Please help me how to enter different codes in Supplier Code.

Unfortunately, the screenshot is not readable and also let open some questions.

Kindly note:

  • the select item activity is not working for each type of dropdown (working with html element select and corresponding options)
  • an alternate pattern is:
    • click1: expand the dropdown
    • click2: select the dropdown item with a dynamic selector


how to select dropdown item by using click or select item?
Thanks for your reply


Hello @Cuberoot

Sometimes select item doesn’t work on some application.
if that case happen, you can use alternative way like @ppr advise

i have attached sample workflow about how to use variable with dynamic Selector

DynamicSelectorForCuberoot.xaml (11.8 KB)

for this example, i will use use browser to open w3 website then use 2 “Click Activity”
First “Click” for clicking at Dropdown Menu button
and Second “Click” will be open item that you have assign dynamic value(For this case is “Link 3”)

After “Use variable” result at selector will be like this


If you test input “Link 2” in variable "ItemClicked) it will click at “Link 2” dropdown menu instead of “Link 3”

if you have any question feel free to ask

Hi @Cuberoot ,

Could you also let us know if you could find the element that you want to select in the Dropdown list of the Select Item Activity, also if when the value is hardcoded, does it work ?

hi, thanks for your reply. actually, there is a code i.e 110-siemens and there is one more code i.e 120-Philips. when I enter the value i.e 110. it shows the above error and when I enter the whole code i.e 110 it works fine. So my question is can I write 110 or should I write the full value?


You should write the full name exactly matchign with the value in the dropdown…only then it can find it…

If you want to work with a part of name then you have to use combination of click and scroll then click the one that matches with your number or part of the name


@Cuberoot ,

You would require to enter/provide the value as present in the dropdown data.

Do you not have the full data before hand ? Is the Data dynamic and keep changing ? or will the selection or dropdown values be constant ?

If they are constant, then it should be possible also to map the part of the name that you will receive as input and then retrieve the full name after mapping and use that full name as present in the Dropdown.

Let us know if you were able to understand the above approach.