Multiple checkboxes in Google Forms and value based on excel file

hi, i’m a newbie in here and still learn about UiPath. i want to ask about how to click one or moe than one checkboxes in Google Forms based on data from excel file. i’ve tried select, select multiple items, check, click, anchor base, and another tools that i don’t remember what tools i was tried.

and this is the option in the google forms

and after finished submit to google forms, i want to fill color in the cell that already submitted.

thank you for all of you that want to respons my question. GBU.

Hi @helloitsme ,
You can use click activity,
you get variable form excel, and add in property of click activity

what should i add or type in property of click activity? and where is it? in the selector?

Hi @helloitsme ,
in here
edit it

use your excel value as variable string

i’ve tried id=‘QuestionChoiceOption1’ and change to id=‘process’ still didn’t work.
i’ve assign process = row(“Process Category”).ToString
what’s wrong with my code?

Hi @helloitsme ,
Can you share your form?
I will try with it
other way is you need check string before click, get string in form if it equal to excel value → click, else nothing


Mostly try to indicate the value plus the check box together and you would get a selector as below…where var is the variable which contains the option to select

<webctrl tag='SPAN' innertext='{{var}}' />

Innertext is which contains the value you need to click or select


here’s my gforms

and this is format on my excel file

thank you in advance before…

it works!!! just use innertext thank you i’m crying… thank you so muchhh. GBU.

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