How to use Properties from UIExplorer that are not items?

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How can I use selectors using properties that are not in the items list?
For example, I want to use a selector with the property ‘aastate’ but it doesn’t recognize if this property isn’t in the items list…

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Hi @Aqua1986

Usually Selected Items will list in the right top corner only the attributes that is there for the element been chosen, and we can access only those elements and attributes from that list as you said,
so if you want to access aastate attribute for that element we can get from the Visual tree for the node (the two lines in the middle been checked where each one is a node) click on any one and correspondingly in the Property Explorer we will be getting all its attribute name and values, there we can get the value of attribute aastate, likewise for any attributes we want

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Ok, Thank’s, but for example, I want to put in the selector the attribute with ‘visibility’ set to 1, there’s no element in the visual Tree with the ‘visibility’ attribute in the Selected Items ou Unselected Items list … And I know it, cause I went in an exhaustive method to all sub elements of the Visual Tree… How can I do?

Even if I write in the selector <[…] visibility=‘1’> (the same value it’s in Property Explorer), UiPath doesn’t validate the element.

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Unless you have in the visual tree with the node and its corresponding attributes in the properties tree, we wont be able to get the attribute we want…the attributes that are there in the properties explorer tree is the final set of attributes for that element along the node in Visual Tree
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For that we can double click on the corresponding node in the visual tree so that would get added to the selector editor in the middle and will thus get added to the selector as well,

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Is it possible that the attributes are hidden because I’m using SAP?
Cause no node has the ‘visibility’ attribute and I checked all of them…

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May be YES
i haven’t used much of SAP, well i can say only 10 % just to get that knowledge on how to use with uipath
But one thing i can tell you sure that only those attributes that are getting listed in the property tree is the one that element actually owns
Cheers @Aqua1986

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