How to use attributes not listed in "Selected/Unselected Item" for the selector

I am trying to use one of the attributes (relativeVisibility=‘True’) listed in property explorer but not in “Selected/Unselected Item”. But when I keyed into selector, “Validate” fails.

Any idea why this happens and how to resolve it?

I have attached a screenshot. For the confidentiality, I have replaced with * in some parts of the selector.

Any reply would be helpful. Thanks!

the attribute relativeVisibility is not available for using it within a selector. All available attributes are displayed right top panel

You can retrieve the value of the relativeVisibility attribute within a get attribute activity.

when you alter the selector by selecting a different group from the tree you often need just repair the selector, that will alter few other values to adjust to the new group added.

Just repair and select, you’ll understand it better

I see…thank you! It helps!

Repairing doesn’t help here. I am not selecting a different group. I am working on the same selector and adding an attribute found under property explorer.

The reason that I need to do that is because there are 2 different selectors with the same aaname and properties in the page except for ID and relativeVisibility. One is hidden and another is not. I am trying to select the non-hidden element. As for ID, I can’t use it as the reliable attribute as it changes dynamically.

such scenario we can handle by:

find children - we get both elements
evaluating the found children by

  • looping over with a for each - evaluating the looped child with get attribute on relativeVisibility
  • LINQ statement


arrHiddenChildrens =

myFindChildrenOutPut.Where(Function (x) Convert.ToBoolean(x.Get("realtiveVisibility").toString)=false).toArray

if present we can access with arrHiddenChildrens(0)

I see…I’ll take note on that…now I have included an anchor and it’s working ok.

Thanks for the reply and help. :slight_smile:

Double click on that property tree element and it will show its corresponding uielement attribute in the middle of the screen
There we can select the line which has that attribute and we can select it
And also we have got an option of anchor the element
Indicate Anchor
image alt text\ autoxautoimage alt text\ autoxauto Enables you to choose an anchor relative to the target UI element.

Cheers @Mon