I want to improve selector by using property present in PropertyExplorer, How to do this?

Hi, I am working on SAP, I want to add tooltip property into the selector which is not captured by UiExplorer
I tried all (Default AA, UAI) UiFramework the are not capturing more details,

For Selectors and UiElements in particular : Get Attribute Activity gives you the most ones.
But not every time we can access those so easily.

myUiElement [variableType : UiElement]

You can address Attributes either by name or arrayIndex:

myUiElement.Get(“foreground”).GetType.ToString : result : “boolean”
myUiElement.Get(“foreground”).ToString : result : “false”

The Attributename as Index is myUiElement.Attributes(9) in this example.

Use get attribute activity and inside attribute write “tooltip” .


hope it will work

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Thanks @ghazanfar It work,
but this activity increases code complexity, Could you provide better solution on that?

Including tooltip into a selector is not a efficient way to create selector. Capture the complete selector and share the screenshot here.

In to my question, I added UiExplorer screenshot of complete selector.

If below highlighted lines are the complete tree of the selector then it will work. You already have created correct selector. No need to add tooltip etc


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