How to use Properties from UI Explorer in a Selector?

Is there any way to use a Property on a Selector?


I want to use Text in the Selector but I am not able to… Any help?

Thanks :smiley:

What activity you are using???..

Please find the corresponding element from the property section in the Visual tree and double click it. This will update your selector with the property that you want. Also you can add only the elements from the property section for which you have corresponding element in the Visual tree.

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In your case you can search for “Text” attribute in the Visual tree and double click it. It will populate the same in the selector.

The problem is that the property appears in the property section, but it doesn’t appear in the Visual tree…

Is there any solution for that?


Which element are you trying to select or perform activity on?

On the RadioButton I marked in the previous image.
I need to click on it :frowning: .

Please try using search option in the visual tree. If you do not find it even after searching then may be this property is not valid for the element that you have selector.
But I hope you can try your luck with search and find it. :slight_smile:

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I can’t find it on that search bar… So, if I can’t double click a property in the Visual Tree there’s nothing we can do, right?

As per my knowledge we cannot do anything. but still you can try in UiExplorer to change the UiFrameworks to either ‘Accessibility’ or ‘UiAutomation’ mode and try once. It will let you fetch more attributes of an element.

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In this case only ‘Default’ mode can find the element, so I won’t be able to do nothing…

Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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