How to use outcome of verify control attribute as condition for decision

Hello everyone,

I want to automate a process in SAP, where a checkbox value has to be read. Depending on the checkbox value, different activities should be executed (value = true --> activity X, value = false --> activity Y).

As recommended here Cannot get SAP checkbox value: CoreSelectorNotFoundException by @LevKushnir (thank you!) I can read the checkbox value with a verify control attribue and get attribute activity.

To decide which activity (X or Y) to execute, I would suggest to use an if-activity, but I don’t know how to use the output from the verify control attribute as condition for this.

Does anybody know if and how the output can be used or has another idea how to do this?

Thank you!

Hello Silvia, the suggestion from Lev was to embed the “Get attribute” into a verify to see immediately the result. If you omit the “verify control attribute” and just use the get attribute, you can store the result of the “get attribute” in a boolean variable. With this you can can then feed the “If branch”.

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Hi Ludwig,

thanks for your respond. I already tried this solution several times, but for any reason it didn’t work. However, I tried it again and now it works.

Thank you!


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