SAP Checkbox -get attribute

Hi Team,

I am automating an SAP application and need to Check/Uncheck a checkbox.
If the checkbox is already checked, no action to be taken.

However, I am unable to directly access this element on the GUI.
I have used the getAttribute activity to no avail
Also used the image exists activity, which often yields false positives.

How can I determine whether a checkbox is checked or not before working with it?

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Is SAP GUI enabled
Once after that we can try to use CHECK activity
For enabling sap gui

Cheers @Ramashita


All SAP GUI scripting is already enabled via
rz11 sapgui/user_scripting is True

I just want to be able to determine if a checkbox is already checked, or not.

Image automation returns false positives

You have the Check activity for this, but if selectors arent working then i dont know…

Hi @Ramashita I had the same issue to identify whether check box is ticked or not. I found your post in forum and your question only solved my problem.
Yes, I am able to get the value of checked property in True or False by using Get Attribute activity. Thank you @Ramashita
Note: Things to remember here that checked attribute returns a Boolean not String