How to check is click or not in SAP?

I tested CV click and check edit selector in Click activity.
I can’t define the button is already click or unclick…

Any solution for this case? Thank you


use “Get Attribute” activity. and capture the checkbox, if it is checked it will output a true, otherwise it will output false

Thank you , Jack!
But it’s not the checkbox… so not working for this activity.

after you capture it using Get Attribute, can you open edit selector and open ui explorer

and see what other properties there are in the property window
(maybe see if theres a proprety = True when ticked, and = False when no ticked)

HI @Chen_Kenny

Please share the full details? Which SAP system? SAP WinGUI or Web? Which transaction? How Selector looks like? Why CV and not a usual UiPath activities?

As much as possible and the best with the screenshots!

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,

SAP GUI 760m, transaction is ZORDLST.
Please see the attachments.

HI @Chen_Kenny

What I did

  1. check with UiExplorer, which attribute is responsible for status of the control (checked/unchecked)

  2. use Get Attribute activity to get the value of this attribute

  3. use Verify Activity to compare the real value with the expected value.

  4. all done

If you can share the screenshot from UiExplorer with you control, this can give more insights, why it is not correctly identified

Best regards, Lev