Cannot get SAP checkbox value: CoreSelectorNotFoundException


I am trying to automate a process in SAP and need to verify if a checkbox is checked or not.

I already tried the get attribute-activity with the “checked” attribute. In the UI properties indicate, that the checkbox and its value is recognized (see picture). I created a new boolean variable(outputCheckbox) for the output of this activity, but the variable doesn’t take the value and I get the following exception: UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException.
SAP GUI Scripting is enabled.

Did anybody face similar problems and can help me?

Thank you :slight_smile:


HI @silvia93

I would suggest you are using the latest Testing activities from UiPath Community Edition 20.4, which calls Verify control attribute

Please find here more:


  1. In the first step you will use Get Attribute to get the right information from the right property “Checked”

  1. in the next step you will verify in the Property “Checked” is False

That’s it

Enjoy automation!

Best regards, Lev


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