Import variables from one workflow to another

I have multiple xaml file created.In the 1st xaml, I have 2 input dialog box asking for the date and name. This date and name is later used to create a path.
In the second xaml file i download excel from a website which has to be saved in the above created path.
In the 3rd xaml i use the above excel as input and download the pdfs and save it in the path created in 1st xaml.
In the main i want to invoke all these xaml files.
So how do i import the variables from 1st xaml to all other xaml files?

Hi @KeertiJ

In the Main xaml while importing the 1,2,3 create the variables and invoke all your work flow by passing the values

Ashwin S

Hi @KeertiJ

The date,name,path of the excel are the variables you created and stored a values in it right!!
just change all those variables from the variable to Arguments!!!

and give the direction as out.
Then you want to use these values in the 3rs xaml file right. i guess this is the main.xaml.

in main.xaml just create three arguments name,date and path as in direction.

So inside the main.xaml file you just invoke your 2 workflows.and import arguments and pass the respective arguments you created for main.xaml.
And use these arguments inside your main.xaml workflow.

Hope it helps!!!


@AshwinS2 I have invoked them and passed the arguments also. In the main i have given a message box to display date.It is throwing error- Object reference not set to instance of an object

Hi @KeertiJ
In first xaml what variable or arguments you have passed give the same in the Main Xaml

Ashwin S

Hi @Sriram07
I have done exactly as you said .In 1st xaml i changed variables to arguments(out) and in main where i called all xaml i created same arguments(in). Now to display date i gave a message box in main.
But it is throwing an error Object reference not set to instance of an object.

Hi @AshwinS2 i have given the same name.

Hi @KeertiJ
Please do share your workflow


Hi, @KeertiJ,

I think we can’t use same variables in different workflows. You can create arguments whether applicable and import those in different workflows. Arguments are reuseable in different workflows.

Thanks & Regards,

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Did you pass the arguments which you created inside the main.xaml!!! into the import arguments panel of the value column

Hi @Sriram07
Yes i did that. It is displaying in the message box. Thank you.:grinning:
So now date can be retrieved in 1st xaml and main xaml. Now i want this date to also be imported to rest 3 xaml files.How do i do it?In general it has to be global.

Hi @AshwinS2 I can’t share the xaml file, since it is confidential.Well that error got resolved. Thank you.
Now I want the date to be imported to all other xaml files.

Hi @KeertiJ

Is Date used in other xaml then use In or out argument type instead of global

Ashwin S

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Hi @AshwinS2 Thank you, I got the solution

Let’s try read this documentation first.

It might be faster than lengthy debates in forum.

Sorry @KeertiJ i didn’t get you ? from main file only you are invoking all the 3 xaml files right?

Yes @Sriram07
I got the solution…Thank you very much :grinning:

Excellent @KeertiJ
Happy automation!!!
Kindly mark it as solved to close this thread.

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