How To use single variable data from one xaml to other .xaml File

Hi All,

  1. I have one Flow Chart.
  2. I have 4 to 5 Sequence file (.xaml) and each having data table variable.

I want to use one data table variable of single .xaml file to another .xaml file . Please give me step this is very critical .

Thanks in Advance .

Use Arguments to pass between the workflow which can be done by invoke workflow activity.

Hi ,
Thanks for reply , can you please give me some example how can we pass as per my requirement , because I tried look code for argument I did not get any where .So could please give me some example.


I can’t provide samples, but can explain it for what you need.

To be simple,

  • In your main Flow Chart .xaml file, your DataTable variable should be under variables like normal.
  • In each of your other .xaml files, your DataTable variable should be under Arguments and NOT under variables (so delete it from the variables tab). Set the Argument Type to IN/OUT; that way, the variable will retain its value going in and out of the workflow file (IN is used if the data ends at the file and doesn’t need to be returned, OUT is used if the data originates from the file, and IN/OUT is used if the data doesn’t end nor originates from the file.)
  • Go back to your main Flow Chart and for each Invoke Workflow File activity that calls the .xaml files, click on Import Arguments.
  • Next, enter in the DataTable variable name used in your main Flow Chart .xaml file next to the DataTable variable used in your other .xaml file. This way, the data from the other .xaml file will be stored in to your main variable.

Hopefully, this describes what you need in better detail.



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Thanks!! Now this is working .