How to use Invoke Workflow (error)

Hi to All,
I have a problem with using the Invoke command.
I’ve read the docs section but, it doesn’t seem to work.

In my Main workflow, at the beginning of the flow, I query a table to detect some sheet_names.

This value, must be used in the second Workflow, but it seems not to pass as an argument.

In my main flow I set the name_sheet argument as OUT.

If I run the flow I get this error.

Could you help me understand how to set this value?
thanks a lot… :expressionless:


For using the Argument used inside the workflow you can create a Variable in the main flow and use that variable

or you can make argument as “in” in argument

Also check if you are having any errors inside the workflow

Hope this may help you



If you are using name_sheet across all your work flows use direction in/out for that argument. it will resolve the issue.


I think you are using the wrong direction of your arguments…

your invoked workflow file seems to be the intended recipient for the datatable and sheet name parameters.
So, from the point of view of the rpa_credit_mngt_recovery_final.xaml workflow it is input.
Therefor in that workflow they should be set as input arguments. The result is that when you invoke this file you see these arguments also listed as in-arguments.

Simply put:

Thanks Kirankumar Mahanthi

i set dual direction, it looks ok.
Sorry for the trivial post, but I had already done several tests with different combinations and it was always wrong.
Now it looks ok.

and Thanks everyone for the immediate help!

Glad it works.
No worries about asking trivial questions. If it is top of mind it is always a valid question.

Nonetheless: you’re right. It is quite a trivial topic. Be sure to ‘understand’ your problem + solution, and not just be happy that it works now because somebody else fixed it. I recommend some additional training or re-reading on these matters, to prevent getting stuck again with similair issues later on and randomly trying something untill it works again.

You know… the whole ‘teach a man to fish’-principle :slight_smile:

your most welcome Aaron.

Nice saying Jeroen.

I think there is something wrong.
If you have a little patience …
I have read your comments, and I think I have done everything right. I understand your explanations.
But I don’t think the flow is working well.

The flow does not go wrong, but …
I added some Write Liles to check, and the “name_sheet” variable doesn’t go from one workflow to another.

In my Main_Flow I took the name of the sheet, and the number of lines.
Then I did the same in the second stream.
It doesn’t detect the name, and counts 0 rows.

I’m confused.
I have never used this activity.
I am trying to evolve my knowledge, but I have to be honest, the Documentation on the UIpath site often does not help me understand its use.

OK. Solved, but I’m not clear anyway.
If anyone can explain to me.
What is the difference between setting variables in INVOKE activity
or in the “argument” tab of the same Work Flow.



Using the argument tab in a workflow ‘defines’ the arguements. Same as you build a variable.

During the invoke you fill them, by mapping values to the arguements. Compare this one to the assign activities.

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