Datatable as an argument for Invoke Workflow Activity

I am trying to invoke workflow for an Datatable Out argument. But same is unable to retrieve data in data table, in main workflow. It is fetching data table value inside invoke workflow xaml file successfully.
Can someone help to resolve the same.

Hi @ccma,

Check the invoked xaml file is having same argument name as variable name.
If yes remove the variable name in the variable tab.
Arivu :slight_smile:

Thanks for prompt response. Have already tried all this options, but issue still persists.

Please find attached the Parent and the Child workflows. I hope it gives you idea how to approach sharing of Arguments in the workflow.

Parent Workflow: ParentWorkflow.xaml (5.8 KB)
Child Workflow: ChildWorkflow-Datatable.xaml (4.9 KB)

Thanks a lot. Will go through the same and get back .

This worked. Thanks a lot for support.