Use a data table within the invoke workflow

Hello everyone, everything good?

I have a for each data table and within it an invoke workflow, is it possible for me to create variables within the invoke workflow referring to the table that is outside?

The variables that are inside the invoke workflow are receiving the following error: CurrentRow was not declared.

Hi @Luca_Alcalde ,

You would require to create arguments inside the workflow and then pass the values to it from where you are calling the workflow.

Also, Is there a need to use a separate workflow to update the row item of datatable ?

hello everything is fine

I can’t create an argument in the workflow referring to the table, I try to create a variable of type datatable (in/out), but it deletes it by itself, as if it were not possible to do that.

@Luca_Alcalde ,

You would require to save the workflow after creating the arguments.

I create in this BX.xaml flow the currentrow variable as you told me, but now I need to pass the table to it, and I am not succeeding, because after clicking ok this argument disappears.

@Luca_Alcalde ,

Could you maybe check the below video on creation of Arguments :

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Hi @Luca_Alcalde

Open the invoked workflow and create a new argument eg-dtInput of type DataTable by clicking on the “Arguments” panel and clicking the “Add” button.

Go back to the workflow that is invoking the other workflow and drag and drop the “Invoke Workflow File” activity into the workflow. Click on the “Import Arguments” button in the “Properties” panel and select the “dtInput” argument that you just created.
Within the invoked workflow, you can now reference the DataTable using the argument name “dtInput”.


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Hi @Luca_Alcalde

Store the “CurrentRow” value to a variable by using “Assign” Activity. Pass that variable to the invoke workflow file in the ‘import arguments’ option in the “Invoke workflow file” activity. Create a argument in the invoked xaml file (BX.xaml). You can use that argument in the invoked xaml file (BX.xaml).

I Hope it may helps you!!

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hello everything is fine?

I did everything as you said, but I’m still facing a problem, I created the argument in the invoke workflow, but when I put the path (BX.xaml), it replaces the argument for what is in the image, and this happens for any thing I try to add in the argument, can you say why?

I managed to make it work, I don’t know if it’s a bug or normal, but I did it this way:

I added a new invoke workflow, added the arguments, but without putting the value, saved and closed the project.

I opened the project again, and put the path of the invoked sequence, and after that I added the value in the invoke workflow, now my imported arguments have not disappeared, I tested it and it is working correctly.

Thanks to everyone who helped, cheers

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