How to use argument in the before mentioned questions

Navigate to the sheet which was given in input argument and read the data over there (datatable)

Hello @Ojaswa_Pandey_18_BEC_031

You can sue Read Range activity and provide the sheetname variable in the property of the activity.



But there are 4 sheets in the workbook and the data I need is of the sheet which is given in the input argument. How to use the concept of argument in this?


Eventhough if there are multiple sheets in the excel, whatever the sheetname that you are providing it will read only that sheet.

If you want to pass an argument and do this process, then create a workflow and create an IN argument. Pass the sheetname to that argument and then use that argument in the Read Range activity.



What activities should I use in the invoke workflow file?


You just need to create a variable or argument for sheetname and instead of the name use the argument or the variable in the read range sheet name property


You can create 2 workflow. for example Main.xaml and sequence1.xaml.

In the Main.xaml, use invoke workflow file activity and call sequence1.xaml.
In sequence1.xaml, you need to create an IN argument with name “SheetName”
Then open the sequence1.xaml and add a read range activity and pass that argument (SheetName) to the property.


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