Run Unattended BOT on Lock Screen using VM And System As Well

Hi All,

I have a requirement where I have to run the activities even when system or VM is locked using Unattended BOT and Orchestrator. With Attended BOT it is working totally fine BUT it is not allowing the system to lock ,below are the specifications .

1- BOT is built to get the data from an internal web application
2- BOT is going on different 4 websites perform 4-6 clicks and Type actions handle few pop ups as well which are windows or JS popups.

Configurations -
1- VM with windows 10 for BOT execution
2- UIPATH Orchestrator
3- UIPATH Unattended BOT

if there is any step by step link available for enable the BOT workflow execution even if the screen remains lock that will be very helpful

Requesting urgent support

Thank you in Advance

Hi Vishal,

I had this issue but I resolved it by enabling the “Simulate Click” or “Send Window Messages” respectively like for “Send Hotkey” Send window message will be more suitable and for other clicking and extracting text activities “Simulate Click” option is better


Hope this helps and let me know if it works