Automatic locked screen in Hardware Events input mode?

Hello everyone!
I have a Question:

I am using Hardware events as input mode in my automation.
And there is always automatic lock screen after every 5 minutes.

As I am running automation in Hardware events input mode that runs more than 10 minutes, will computer will screen locked after 5 minutes ?

On a locked screen, automation is possible, but you must be extremely careful about the activities you choose to employ and their settings. Using the “Simulate Click” or “Send Windows Message” option in the properties to make the majority of web automations reliable and ready for automation in the background shouldn’t present any issues.


I have a scenario where only Hardware Events are possible.

That Web app is too old. So I make it Attended.

It will work in this case, the application being automated needs to be visible on the screen.


I know it will work.
But your answer is not relevant with my question


If need to automate in locked screen, you need an Unattentented license for the bot

Again your answer is not relevant to my question

My question is :

Will Screen be locked as usual on its screen locked time as specified when using Hardware Events.
Let say: I am using hardware Events in my automation which takes 10 minutes to complete process but screen lock time is before 5 min.

Will screen will locked before 5 minutes as I am using Hardware events in my automation process

Hi @prabin_chand1

hardware event should work as manual inputs, probably it will keep your screen active. However, you can make the test case to make sure, also you can add some things in your workflow to avoid the screen lock, refer from the below example


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Yes the screen will get locked but the process will be still running.

You can remove the screen lock in your computer if you want to. i.e Increase your sleep time.


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  1. You can remove or increase the scren lock time
  2. As you have hardware events mostly screen might not get locked also

So ideally there should not be any issues that would see



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