How to use get text variables into datatable

Hi team,

I have the got the values from application by using get text activity.i have used a while loop to get the text one by one using get text.

Now again I ahve to make use of those values in the next step.

How to achive this.?

Hi @Bhagyashree_S Welcome to the UiPath Community Forum.

When you extract data from application using Get text activity, there is property called Output where you need to pass a variable to save the data extracted. If you want to pass that from one flow to another, you can use argument and specify the direction (In, Out, InOut).

If you want to add extracted data into datatable, define the data table & initialise. Use Add Data Row to Datatable activity and pass the variables you want to save.


Hi @Bhagyashree_S ,

Could you maybe have a Datatable created with a Single Column at the beginning using Build Datatable activity and then use Add Data Row activity within the While loop after the Get Text activity specifying the Datatable name and the output variable from Get Text activity in the ArrayRow property.

This way we could get the values added to the Datatable and then use it outside of the while loop as well.

In place of datatable, a list or an array could also be used, if there are no extra column relations to the value added is needed.

Note : Single column is mentioned assuming that you only have one separately to be processed and there are no relational values for the same to be added. If there are, then we would require to add the number of columns accordingly.

Can you tell us more about what your process is and why you’re doing this? There is probably a much easier way, like Table Extraction.

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After adding the variable in addd data row activity the values will get added to data table.
The values which I take in get text are used inside while loop…so how do I make use these get text values in the next step one by one where i will be typing all these values in the next step.


Hi ,

After adding the add data row and write range .the get text values are not adding to data table one by one…the values are appending .

How to add the values one by one and then use those values in further step.

Hi @Bhagyashree_S ,

Could you show us a Screenshot of the implementation done ? And let us also know how it is expected to be shown ?

Hi please check the screenshots.


I dont see a loop here

Also if there is loop then build and write should be outside loop at start and end respectively…only add data row is needed in the loop



The values are saved in datatable but it’s taking first valu as empty value…which is failing my bot whole comparing the datas


I have saved the values to datatable but it’s taking first value as empty and then it’s taking all the fetched values from get to remove the empty space


Try to check your build datatable may be there is a default row in it …delete that


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