Can't get the new value in loop using get text activity

Hi, I am doing a project in which inside the loop it will copy the text using ‘get text’ activity and store in the variable and if there is a second row so it will again iterate the loop and again perform the steps and copy the text and store the text in that same variable but the problem is it is not getting the new value it is giving me the previous value. Any help will be appreciated

hello @Ejaz44
reason could be …Selector of Get text activity may be fixed so it rake only one value

so make it dynamic according to selector

can you send screenshot or more detail so i look on it


Hello @sandeep13, I got the solution and it is working. Thank you for your effort


Hello there,

i am having a similar problem like you have. I am getting a table with “Get Visible Text”. This table i generate a Datatable, which i am filtering in next step, because i always need just the first number. For first run it always works, but the whole process is also a loop, when the activity should start a second time, “Get Visible Text” is not working and i run on and error, because no information was found. Hope someone can help me out.