How to use data table activity to retrieve data form get text activity?

if we create a get text which is get a text form web then we should put into the data table and then read it into a excel sheet.

how can I do this? can any one help me.

Hi @keerthi_97

Scrap the text and pass it to a string variable and use build datatable activity to create a column and give the datatable name use add data row and pass string variable into array row like this {strvar} and give write range and use read range


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If it is structured data then use Data Scraping activity and will give you output as dataTable and then use Write Range activity to write into excel file.

If it is not structured data, then as you said you are redaing data using Get Text activity and will give you output as string. Then use Generate DataTable activity and pass that string specify Column and Line separater. This activity will give you output as DataTable.

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Hello @keerthi_97 Welcome to the community!

You can use the get text activity and then transform it into string after that use the write range activity to work with the excel sheet (remenber to use the activity “Excel Application Scope” )


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