'Get Text' Activity Doesn't Work and Doesn't Throw Error

I have an automation where I must take a value from an Excel sheet, place it in a field on a website and the find and get text values from the results of that website. I then paste each of those text values back into their respective cells in the original excel sheet.

For the first three values the ‘Get Text’ activity works well enough however, for the last 2 elements I need to pull in, the ‘Get Text’ doesn’t function properly. No values end up in the excel for the last 2 columns but I also don’t see any error as well.

Any idea what could be causing this issue and any potential solutions?

Get Text may not be the best way to do this, if you need multiple values. Give us more details. What are the values? What kind of UI elements (ie text boxes, something else)? Can you post a screenshot of the web page?

I would reccomend to change your approach.

  1. Use “Read range” to get your excel data in a DataTable.

  2. Use a “For each item in DataTable”, write out your logic code here.

  3. Use “Type into” on the website to type “CurrentRow”

  4. And then you can use, “Get Text”, and “Add data row” to save your text from the website to another datatable.

  5. Finally, write your new DataTable to an excel sheet.

Happy Coding!

The list of information saying
Vehicle Type:
I need to pull MAKE and MODEL from here but nothing shows up. So I tried another method as well, where I Click Show all details and search for the individual information like I’ll show below.

And still the same issue persists. The automation runs through, opens excel and does its thing but, nothing actually ends up in those 2 fields of the excel.

I think I will try this next.
Thank you.

What I’m doing right now is,

  1. “Read Range” into the DataTable
  2. "For Each Item in DataTable "
  3. “Type Into” using the information from the current row
  4. “Get Text” But I’m pulling the text from the web page straight into the original excel.

The original excel sheet has designated columns with the corresponding Identifiers where the information needs to be added.

You need to use debug mode to see if the issue is that the Get Text activities’ output variables have a value. If they do, the issue may be with the activities that are writing to Excel.

Ok in debug mode it seems like the content of the website reaches the stored variable. But for some reason its not reaching the excel sheet. The process I have to place that data in the Excel Sheet is identical to the first 3 values as well.

In Debug mode I found that I had redundant variables with different scopes. It seems to be what caused the confusion. It’s working now. Thanks for the help.

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