How to use Edit Grid and Data Grid in Forms?

Hi guys,

Can anyone explain me how the data grid and edit grid functions works in Forms?

I have for example a edit grid containing text fields in 5 columns. Each text field is binded to a variable, but value is returned blank when I have inputted some data in the fields. I guess this is not the correct way to handle this when you have multiple lines, but I can’t seem to find any documentation/forum topics regarding how to do this.

The purpose of this exercise is to have each text field in each possible line in a separate variable.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @stch

You cannot simply bind textbox value into editgrid/ data grid. Their purpose is to provide List/Table view, for that you have to pass Array of values.

  1. If positioning is your expectation, please try to use columns. you can directly bind the values.
  2. If you only want to use datagrid/editgrid, then try to parse the values for FormFieldsOutputData. (Json). But you have to bind it yourself.
  3. If you want to bind with workflow variables directly, then create List, then pass it in FormFieldsInputCollection.

Please let me know if it works for you.

Hii Tamilselvan,

I want to bind list of item with user input like selection of items in create form activity… Not able to understand how to pass list or json or collection from my workflow to create form activity to render data grid accordingly…

Can you please provide any sample of input and output?


Hi @uttam.kukadiya

I can help you. Please let me know to understand the requirement clearly.

Form will automatically generate schema, if you have c# object type.

If you have DataTable, please let me. I can help you with that also.


My requirements is to get user input on multiple records … for example 5 records of students that attened robot promp a window with 5 records of students and from that use will select students attended class… may be 3 records … for selection I want to put checkbox… the record count is not fix… next time it can be more then 5 or may be less…

I can prepare datatable or dictionary or json for input…

With the current release, you can edit/update the rows in edit grid.

The output will bind to datatable directly.

Thanks …

I will check it but my question was for input data…

Hi Uttam, did you find solution for your requirement? I have similar requirement. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes I got solutions… please describe your requirement, will help you…

The requirements is similar to you posted. Will pass vehicle details and user need to select vehicle (Check box) and enter their comments. I need to get comments for only selected vehicles to process further in the work flow.

I am trying to pass the vehicle data in JSON and trying to show in grid along with Comments(textbox) and Select (Check box) and get response back but not succeed, your help would be much appreciated.

There will be mainly 2 processes:

A. Custom Form prepare input data

  1. SerializeObject the list of the vehicle – ( I have used datatable for multiple records)
  2. prepare JSON string for input data that you want to display like :- "{""vehicle"": " + vehicleJSON+ "}"
  3. use this JSON string as CustomeForm input
  4. Also, you will get the value of the checkbox or input box that in the output of Custom form after submit

B. Custome form design

  1. Use Data Grid Component - set field key as “vehicle”
  2. Use Basic Component inside the grid, like text box, radio button, checkbox with Feild Key same as field name in JSON Object or it will return although it will not included in input JSON
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Thank you for the detailed description, I will try this.

Perfect, able to create a form and passed the JSON array data and got response back. Thanks for your help.