How to use Edit Grid and Data Grid in Forms?

This tutorial may help you


Hi Everyone, I am new to UiPath and trying to learn forms now. I have a problem where in , I need to set the data grid column/text field components size dynamically so that it can adjust to the size of the input value. How can I do this? Thank you.

Iā€™m trying to set value to field dynamically in edit data grid,it is not working as expected,Can you please guide.

Thank you

You need to have enable edit option

Can you please share a sample workflow if possible

Hi Vajrang, does this work with form tasks as well?

Sure ping me at +919642229492


Hi Vajrang,
Can we display an element dynamically in html component which is in data grid? To elaborate, i have a datagrid with one field as HTML component. How can i refer to corresponding column in Data table to show in the form.

is it possible to load the grid in the form using a JSON File after clicking SUbmit button. Kindly revert