Edit Data Grid: Edited data is not saved to datatable

Hi all,

I have the following problem: The user edits data in the action center but this data is not saved.

In/out variable datatable:

Form with edit grid table and text boxes with field names of data table columns.

Result 1: Editable data grid.

To Do: User edits a number, saves and, closes the action.

Result 2: Values are not edited in the data table.

@Oana_Georgiana_Vasile might you know why it is not working? Thank you in advance!

I found the following thread. Is it really necessary to use JSON to create a form task? And if yes why?
How to use Edit Grid and Data Grid in Forms? - Help / Forms - UiPath Community Forum

When you complete/submit the form, the workflow should continue from the Wait For Form Task activity and the datatable (marked as in/out var) should have the updated value from the submitted data.

What do you see when you open the complete form action in ActionCenter? Do you see that the updated in the UI?

@paras.gera thanks for the answer. When I submit the data and start the process (in studio - since I am testing) the workflow continues after the wait for form task activity.

Thats right but the values from the submitted date do not change. Does it only work unattended?

I have attached an example that I did for updating data in a table.

I have used a Create Form Task, GenerateInputFields is checked and in FormData is my data table. Column of the table in the form should have the same names as the columns in the table.

Next, wait for response and at this point your data table should have the updated fields.

GridFormTask.zip (36.2 KB)

My source of inspiration: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/customizing-columns-width

I am testing in attended mode. Studio waits for me to complete the task in UiPath Orchestrator and after is submitted there I just press Resume in UiPath Studio and data table is updated with expected data.

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@Oana_Georgiana_Vasile thank you for the details.

Regarding the execution, it works for me (latest screenshot).
But my data table is not updated with the expected date.

What I didn’t use until now was GenerateInpudFields. This is the only difference I had. But when I select the checkmark my form is adjusted. Shall I leave the newly created boxes in my form? Is this maybe the difference?

Following was the error:
I didn’t use “GenerateInputFields” to create the data table field in forms. Adding the check mark later on, didn’t work for the same argument.

i) I deleted the data table argument.
ii) Checked the check mark “GenerateInputFields”
iii) Deleted all fields I didn’t need. Adjusted the data table field.
→ It works. Sounds like a bug for me.

Was trying to open the zip you had attached.
Doesn’t seem to have the .xaml & the .json and other project files.
If you could please re-attach it, I’ll be able to check what was wrong earlier. I
If it was a bug, we’ll fix it

@paras.gera Sorry I didn’t add a file. I am not allowed to publish my file. I think it is working now - so thank you!

I have reattached it, but for me it worked, did not have any issue GridFormTask.zip (41.7 KB)

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