Datatable in grid doesn't update with user input

I’ve created a userform using studio 23.4. To the form I pass a datatable to a datagrid. One field of the table is displayed in checkboxes in the grid.

I want the user to be able to update the values of that specific field based off of ticking/un-ticking checkboxes. Sadly, I cannot get the values in the datatable to update after the user hits “submit” and return to the workflow. Anyone with experience?


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Have a view on this thread on similar discussion
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@Palaniyappan Thank you for the reply. I have already read through these old forum posts. As I wrote in my post I’m using a 23.4 form i.e. not the create form activity. In 23.4 you can link the userform grid to a variable like so:

Since I can select InOut I would have thought it would update the values in accordance to any user changes - but that is not the case. How might I go about it then? The recent version does not have a “Do” block like what the 2020 forum posts you link to do.

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Could you maybe check the below post/discussion and let us know if it is the same case you are referring to ?

That’s an old thread and doesn’t apply if this OP is using the newer versions of Form Activities.

Honestly I fought with this same problem for a couple hours then gave up and reverted to an older version of UiPath.Form.Activities so I could just to it the old way which works fine.

Reverting to a version outside of the company standard is a giant pain. I’ll try to try to play around with some hacky solutions and update the thread if I find anything of use.

Seems to be the same issue, yes. As in the thread linked, the values of the data table I’m working with is only updated once the “Add another” button is clicked.
I agree that that does seem like a bug - and in most cases will be quite counter-intuitive to a user.

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