Export Get Text results to Excel

Hello all, I have data I need to scrape and to export all results to Excel file.
I’m using Get Text activity, because Data Scrapping is not suitable for my case.
What is the best method to achieve that?
Thanks in advance.

Just save process the String output of the Get Text activity into a Datatable assuming these are multiple texts you are scraping. Use an Excel Application Scope activity to specify on which excel file you want the scaped data to be saved. Inside the Excel Application Scope use a Write Range activity to write the DataTable to the excel file.

If Data scrapping not working then we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING METHOD from design tab in studio to get the data as string variable with delimiter for a table structure data in a web page

Pass this string variable as input to GENERATE DATATABLE activity and get the output as Datatable
named dt

Now use a Write range activity where pass the above datatable variable dt as input and enable add headers property

Cheers @bp777

@Palaniyappan the problem here, is that I have several fields I need to scrape data from. So it’s impossible to pass more than one string into the Input property within Generate DataTable.

How could I overcome that problem?

You need to use Build Data Table, then keep adding rows with the data you gather from the application, when you are done, use Write Range…

So, I came across a solution:

  1. Scrape all data using Get Text activity and name all variables accordingly.
  2. Insert Build DataTable activity and set number of columns, names of columns, type of columns etc.
  3. Insert Add Data Row activity and fill ArrayRow property with Get Text variables.
  4. Use Append Range or Write Range activities to complete the task.


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