How to put List output received from Get Full text activity to an excel file

Hi everyone,

From some application I need data, used screens rapping since there are data scrolling down… So I used GET FULL TEXT ACTIVITY… I got it also…
When I see I get result as in write line…

Now I have to put same as above output in excel file in first column one by one… How to do it…

Used build tsble
For each
Add data
Excle write cell
No use I am not able to get it…


Code structure as below

  1. Get Full Text activity-> save data to s string variable (e.g. strData)
  2. Generate Data Table activity
    Input: strData
    Output: a datatable variable (e.g. dtData)
  3. Excel Application Scope
    3.1. Write Range activity to write dtData to excel
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