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Im having a issue with taking extracted data and writing it to a excel sheet. I used a get text activity to get info from a web page and then used a assign activity to assign that get text variable to a column in my excel sheet. Then i used a write range to write it to my excel sheet. When i created the get text variable it is a string variable. When i add the variable from the assigned activity into the data table field of the write range im getting a error "String cannot be converted to system data-table. Any suggestions ?


Once you have extracted the data from Web page using Get text -variable type is in string and need to added into data table. For that you have to follow below steps:

Use Assign Type datarow(Yourvariable)=Datatable.NewRow
Assign Yourvariable(“ColumnName”)= Get Text variable
Use Add datarow activity- In properties add your addrow variable(Yourvariable) and also add your datatable variable

Hope this helps,if it works mark as solution.


Im still lost, i have attached a excel sheet formatted like the one im using, and a screen shot of that of the section of the get text activity. I thought this might help explain better. Let me know. thanks example.xlsx (12.2 KB) ASSIGN

Check the data that you want to write in excel.

you can use write cell if you have to write string value in a particular cell.

The columns that are in red are to be filled with the data im extracting, as of now im just trying to get the SSO ID information into the excel before moving on.


You have a space in your Excel column header before “SSO ID:”.

Check this workflow, that works: Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

Let me know, if that solved it :blush:

Kind regards, Anders

Thanks for reaching out, what is the activity after the read range in your workflow? I dont have that package

It’s the ‘Get Text’. See below:


Refer this Workflow:Get Text_adddatatable.xaml (7.5 KB)


My get text variable is called “ssoid” Does this picture give a better idea of my issue?

Did you tried my workflow?

Im having a hard time understanding your workflow

I think im on the right track with your example, when i checked the excel sheet instead of writing the text it pulled it wrote datatable in the columns.


Got it figured out thank you !!! Cheers

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Great. And yeah, you can move the Get Text inside the For Each to make it dynamic for each iteration.

That is exactly what I did, I’ve been working on this all day and night and my automation is all working like it should. Thanks for your help and your online videos.


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