How to use Community Edition after download

I have download UiPath Community Edition, the file download is named as UiPathStudioSetup, but seems no suffix.

How can I start to use it? or install it?


Hey @wang_chris

That’s actually the setup file to install it. Just run it and let it install…

Rammohan B.

Since it has no suffix, my desktop doesn’t know how to open/run it.

Hi Chris,

It’s an .exe file and as Rammohan said above, you just need to double click on it and it will install. Can you send a screenshot with what you’re getting?

Thanks for your reply, Viorela.

I have download it again in my home computer, this time the suffix appears as “.exe” file.

But when I attempt to run it, an error message of “it’s not a valid win32 application” pop up, like below figure.

Should I do something after download, such as activating? if so, how can I make it?

Thanks again for your advice. I have no much idea since it’s the first time to use RPA application.



If you go to %localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe, do you get the same error?

The file “UiPathStudioSetup.exe” is just download, I didn’t do anything, including activating it.

Since it can’t be run to install, there is no file such as “%localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe” in my desktop, I think.

BTW, both OS of my desktop are Windows 7 Enterpise 64 Bit, does the installation file work on 64bit windows 7 platform?


what is the solution? did you find it?