The free download for UiPath Community addition is not an executable?



Today I downloaded the free trial community addition. The file name is UiPathStudioSetup with no file extension. File size is 106,286 KB. When I double click the file I get a window asking me what application I want to open the file with. It appears to me that the free download is not downloading the correct file because it is not an exe. Am I doing something wrong? Any advice on what I need to do to get the community edition installed on my PC?


Hi @jnaden,

You can try seeing extension by going into view-> Check File name extension.

or Re-download.

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Installing UiPath Studio Community edition

Hi @jnaden

I just renamed the file to include “.exe” and then ran it as an executable file and it worked. See if that lets you install the program.


Renaming the downloaded file with .exe extension allow the UiPath application to be installed.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks I have renamed and installed, however could not activate it with the below error, any idear…

Activation failed with error: -4007
Error description: Server responded to wrong function
License status: Undetermined


Contact UiPath support team and provide your details.they will resolve your issue as soon as possible

Aman sheik