UiPath Community Edition Software Download file Issue

I downloaded the software using the link from the email. However, the file downloaded does not contain .exe or .mis. I am not sure How to run/install the application using the file.

Any help appreciated.

Whats the file that was downloaded? Basically it should download ‘UiPathStudioSetup’ which would be exe to install UiPath Community Edition.

Rammohan B.


It seems you have wrongly downloaded the file.

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Hi Prabhu,

Thanks for the reply. The link points to google drive. We are blocked from using some sites. Is there a good link on UiPath website.



Hi Rammohan,

The file is indeed “UiPathStudioSetup’ with size 77,964 KB. But with no extension.



I went ahead and added .exe to the file. It seems like working. How do I manual active the community edition ? I am getting “Activation failed with error: -4304
Error description: Error connecting to activation server. Please use offline activation.
License status: Undetermined”.

Any help appreciated. Need to know activating manually.

Is there a better way to contact instead of talking to chatbots.


If you requested to download the Community Edition you get the .exe installer. Right click on UiPathStudioSetup and you will see the extension as well:

Now, second thing, you cannot manually activate Community Edition. It’s stated in CE terms and conditions and it’s one of it’s limitations.

You can read details here:

If you still encounter errors with online activation, you should try to see if you’re behind a firewall, or if antivirus is blocking the installation, etc.

For reference: