How to use check activity if Yes or No

Hi All,
I have some question regarding use check activity.

  1. i have data from users in excel sheet.
  2. Robot read on excel and paste on SAP with loop.

User id, Tracking user
1123, Y
1124, Y
2001, N
if Y use check (event check box is empty)
and N unchecked on check box

Thank you in advance.

I hope output is dataTable here. Then use For Each Row activity to iterate the data.

IF row(“Tracking user”).Tostring.equals(“Y”)
Then use click activity to check that box
Else skip it.

Hi @pjaiphak,

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Please find the attached xaml. Hope would help you…!

Cheers…!Main.xaml (10.1 KB)

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You can try with check activity, for this,

in for each row of the read data table from excel, use a if as @lakshmansaid and if it is “y” then use check activity and based on conditions you can change the property to check or uncheck or toggle.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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Hi Everyone,
I have apply with your comment and result seem look good.
but even i use:
For each row.+ assign.
i have 4 records.
robot read and past last record not first.
Could you help again please. i’m not sure i will use count or something.

Thank you very much.

Hi All,
I have already done this flow thank you for your advise.