How to use IF activities

Hi, I’m just beginner in uipath and not pro about if can someone assist me?

Goal: If in one excel the data has used policy 75 then go to epolicy 75 if data use 50 then go to epolicy 50

This is workflow before use if.

Thank you.

Hey @nurainfatihah.hamirruddin,

  1. Under the application scope Invoke the read range activity and take out the datatable into the variable.
  2. Use for each row acivity and inside tha use if activity and in the condition Convert. ToInt(item("colname).Tostring ) =70 in the else block put one more if condition and use the same just replace 70 with 50 and do whatever you want to do in the then block of if activity


can you share workflow?

Hi @nurainfatihah.hamirruddin ,
I am providing you a skeleton code for your requirement, you have to provide the excel file address there, the column name you want to check and the actions you want to perform after successful match.
If_demo.xaml (8.5 KB)

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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PFA the screenshot of flow.

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