How to use an excel file that is downloaded from an app but it is not saved anywhere

Hi all, I am using Uipath studio X and for my workflow I download an excel document from an internal application. The app downloads the document but it does not save it anywhere. The app does not allow to change the downloads settings. I would like to know if you know a way of using that excel document that is downloaded in my program.

Thank you.


If it is downloaded in Download folder then you can use Move file Activity
to move the file wherever you want


you can get the latest file by getting the latest file added to the default download location


this will fetch the newest file in the folder,

Note: Keep the download folder as date modified to newest
Keep in mind that there

Thanks for your reply. The file is not saved in the download folder. that is the main issue

Hello Antonio.delfiorebroca,

I had a situation where an excel was exported from a program and was opened on screen but not saved anywhere. I got around this by using an element exists with an extended timeout (application would take five minutes to generate file) and then sending the Hotkey of either F12 or CTRL S to present the Save As box.

Once this opened I would save the file where I wanted and then read the contents into a datatable.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot cameron. Would you mind attaching a ss of the process?

Hello antonio.delfiorebroca,

I’m afraid I can’t post the .xaml as it under client confidentiality, but i can post screenshots of the methodology;

All the best,