How to open latest dowloaded excel file

Hi guys,

I’m currently learning the Studio X and I’m trying to create a fairly simple automation. The problem is that I’m very stuck.

So what I’m trying to do is:

  1. I download an excel file from a website and save it in the /downloads folder. - I managed to do this using the wait for download option.

  2. I open the excel file. (I need to open the file and let the automation do some changes and then save it somewhere else under a different name)

The problem is that after the file is downloaded it does not open, I have an action For each file in folder and then nested Use Excel file, Current file full path. I can’t specify the filename as it is different each time I download it from a website.

Can you please help me?

Welcome to UiPath community @marcin.chowaniec

Are you facing a challenge to identify the latest downloaded file name or path?

Hi @marcin.chowaniec,

Please refer this post,

Hope this will help you,
Thank you!

In your browsers download settings tick the box allowing you to choose where you download a file to, then type the pathway into the search bar and click save. This will allow you to store it anywhere and rename it

I tried it, it does nothing. The automation stops at saving the file.

I solved it, it was nested incorrectly

Marcin can show me the specific run you used here?