What do I do wrong here? (saving the excel file)


The process is: I “wait for a download”, I save downloaded file to /downloads I set a variable with a “downloadedexcelfile”.

Then for each file in folder filter by the variable “downloadedexcelfile”
I then save it with my own name format.

The problem is that it does not work, I get the message that the downloaded file was not found.

This is how it looks:


Do you have any ideas?

Why don’t you try using a Log Message activity to see the downloadedexcelfile full path? Maybe the file path is not correctly being passed on

Thanks, I changed the directory now it seems that it looks in /downloads however it still doesn’t work. Do you have any other ideas? I’m a total noob.

Hi @marcin.chowaniec ,

Are you able to see the file while manually navigating to the specified folder path?



Please ignore the automation I posted before

I changed it a littlle bit but still doesn’t work.

What is not correct?

This helped,

The path was not correct because I used for each file and it was not necessary.

It works now thanks guys

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Hello @marcin.chowaniec
Download Folder path Should be
Need to provide the full path of the file location where it is downloaded

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