How to upload images through file explorer popup window

There is a function in my web application where it prompts the user to upload images. When clicked “Add photos” the browser will open the file explorer where the user can navigate to a folder and upload images from that folder.

How can I automate this process with UiPath studio?

Hi @Maneesha_Ratnadiwakara

Here is a short tutorial about that


Hi @Maneesha_Ratnadiwakara - Try the below steps

  • Use Click Activity to perform click on Add Photos
  • Use Element Exists activity to make sure the file explorer window appears
  • TypeInto/Set Text activity, to enter the images fodlder/path
  • Click Activity to click on Open

Activities - Click (

Activities - Type Into (

Activities - Element Exists (

Hi @Maneesha_Ratnadiwakara

1)Use Use Apllication/Browser activity and indicate the application.
2)under the container use “Click” activity to click Add Photos option.
3)When clicked use “Type Into activity” and give the entire path where the image is saved.(Saving the image in the Project Folder is best Practices)
4)Click on open and complete the process.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @Maneesha_Ratnadiwakara

Double-check the authentication settings in the SMTP activity properties. Ensure that the username and password provided are correct and match the authentication requirements of your email server. Also, confirm the authentication method (e.g., plain, login, etc.) supported by your email server.
also, Depending on the security settings of your email server, you may need to adjust the authentication method or enable specific security protocols (e.g., SSL, TLS) to establish a successful connection. Ensure that your SMTP activity properties align with the security settings of your email server.