Need help with clicking the browser button and upload files

How to take take informative screenshot using send hotkeys

Hy @dutta.marina,

If you want to update the screenshot of an activity just open the selector and click on the element again.

If you want to take a screenshot during workflow execution please use the take screenshot activity.

Is that what you need? Regards

I have two upload two files. unable to select and click browse button and upload the files. tried attach window also.

@dutta.marina, windows shortcut for taking a screenshot: Windows Key + PrScr

Actually i dont wat screenshot. I need to click the browse button and upload files.

@dutta.marina, cool edit your first question then, because thats what it reads like. and i have edited your post header.

Hy @dutta.marina,

Click on the first button of the list and check the selector. There has got to be something, like an index, that can be converted into a variable.

Try that and let us know


Hi @dutta.marina,

Use a click activity on the browse button and make sure your selector is proper by using highlight option and once this is validated. Enter the path in windows explorer open file and use a click activity to open the file.

tried but it is unable to detect the browse button. saying browse buttion doesnot exist. do i need to use click image instead of normal click.

Could you share the website link for this page

its my office project. cannot share the link

Tu @dutta.marina,

What browser are you using? Do you have the extension installed?

IE . Yess extension is there


If you cannot click on the button, could it be possible to fill the form using only keystrokes, like tab and enter? This could be an alternative to you