How to upload assignment?

Hi, I uploaded my assignment but received 0/100. What is the right way to upload the result supposedly? I check my ACME and it’s all completed for WI5 so I am the sure the way of uploading the files are wrong.

HI @nr.arinaazizi

Have a look on the thread


HI @nr.arinaazizi

Check on the hash result in the sha1 website

  • Goto SHA1 website enter ClientId-ClientName-ClientCountry without spaces and get the hash result and compare with the comments in the ACME if both are same the issue must be different if not that is the issue change in type into ClientId-ClientName-ClientCountry without spaces in between.

As you can see in the link shared by @Gokul001


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

I realized that my hash are different when I compared it. I checked my processhash.xaml and I clearly did this.

Other than that, I recorded my process twice to see it and the input is correct but the hash is still different when being compared. Is there any reasons why?

The total WI5 that were marked completed is 15.


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