UiPath Certification: Question on "Calculate Client Security Hash"


I’ve uploaded a new version of my " Calculate Client Security Hash" solution process but I’m getting “0/100” points.
But I don’t now whether the process has worked or not and, if not, where is the faut.

Can anyone help me?

PS: agarcia.martin@atsistemas.com

Hi @agarcia.martin

Have a look on the thread


So… I MUST run the process in my system BEFORE sending the ZIP file into Academy’s page?

Oh, my Good!
I thought you were going to run a robot to execute the process!

So, everty time I uploaded the process I performed a “data reset” step BEFORE, so results are always BAD! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Let’s try again…

You must run the process before submitting the file in the academy @agarcia.martin

Need to check on the following

  1. Can you check all the case are successes in the queue and in ACME web page should be Completed
  2. You can’t reset the data before uploading assignment for evaluation.
  3. All WI5 item status should be completed.
  4. Login credentials should be same for both UiPath academy and ACME website.


I did NOT run the pocess locally BEFORE. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Now, I’ve got 100%. Passed.

Thanks! :blush::wink:

Great @agarcia.martin

Can you close this topic by marking the solved. So it will help for others too


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