Calculate Client Security Hash assignment submitted but still system not evaluating my results

Hi UI Path Team,

I facing issues on the Calculate Client Security Hash assignment. I have submitted my results in Ui path portal. but still, the system not evaluating my results. I have uploaded so many times and created tickets.i am clue less how to proceed further. Could you please help me to complete this stage?

  • I didnot reset the test results in acme portal
  • There is no errors and warning
  • with no spaces between the dashes and without the brackets of hash code.
  • used the SAME email address to create the Academy account and acme portal.

Please guide me to complete the assignement.

Thanks in advance.

I am also facing the same problem. I uploaded my project on july 8 and it is still pending. I registered my complaint with UiPath team but no response.
Have you solved your problem. If yes Please let me know.


Hi Mohammad,

I have solved the problem. There was a space while generating the hash code.

Please check and let me know if you have any issues.


Right now am having the same problem, I did everything requested, yet no grade

Hi Owolabi Gbeminiyi,

Please check your assessment, there is no space between the hash code if successfully updated the system automatically evaluate your results. There is no manual intervention on this process.


no manual intervention and there was no space between the hash code, however it is in my HashFormula, it was a good observation and the space are removed,updated and submitted again however there is still no grade. thanks and please check the image attached

I got it, It is done i got the result very good one though, thanks @pradhaban,

Thanks for letting me know. Have a nice day. Enjoy learning.


What was the solution?

if you could be more specific maybe my suggestion may be helpful since there is no code provided, Else just check the spaces in your client_Information.@Haridas Nerkar