How to type into popup window

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How to indicate and type something into popup window

I have tried use application browser and indicated new popup and in that I have added click and type into activities but it doesn’t worked out throwing an error of 500

As per my understanding,if we are using use application /browser ,bot opening new tab instead of popup, because of that popup belongs to that secured webpage.

Help me to figure it out?

Hi @joni_y
Is the popup coming up when interacting with element inside browser

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Can you try with App/Web recorder and record the steps?

Also it will be better if you can share the screenshot of the popup. Usually if it’s inside the Application scope it should work.



The manual process which I want to do automation will be like following.

When I click on the search option

The new pop up will come and then I need to enter some value into it and click on select and submit
Then that popup will be closed …the value I entered in popup will be taken into main webpage field.

Here the issue is bot is not identifyying the new popup.

Note: the automation which I want to do is a banking application and due to privacy rules I couldn’t share the screen shot.

Yes a new invoke popup will be coming when we click on search option which is available on main webpage.

Please reply


Did you try changing the ui framework and try with active accessibility?

Please open ui explorer → options → active accessibilty/ui automation

Please try these and let us know